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An Aecon-Lafarge Joint Venture


Some testimonials from our 2014 Participant Survey:


"Even in cruddy weather, everything was great - good coffee & doughnuts, very enthusiastic volunteers, and the warm-up for the run was a nice touch."


"I liked how there were small tents setup with different centres (e.g.. food, games) for people to go to."


"This was my first time there and I was impressed overall! Lots to do and lots to see."


"Next year, I would like to see more participants so that the marathons are more challenging. Otherwise, the whole event was great and me & my friends had a lot of fun."


"I love the place, don't like the rain. people were friendly and it is like a family run...loved it"


"Liked all the activities for the kids, silent auction, and food and drink options. Just wasn't happy with the race finish prizes/categorization"


"Nothing else needed as far as I am concerned"


"Keep up the good work!"

Nick, New Hamburg

Event Year:2013

Excellent event and very well organized. The rehabilitated areas of the gravel pit make for a great race course, and the inspirational signs around the course were a nice touch too. The medals were well done, and the bags of goodies were a great addition. The organizers did a great job with the kids race too, and the equipment / play area was fun for the kids as well. We will definitely be back again next year!


Event Year:2013

Very well run community event. Unique setting around the lakes and up and down the rehabilitated pit slopes. The 5km route is a fast track for a trail run. A very enjoyable morning.

Mike from Inglewood

Event Year:2013

This was an enjoyable event that was well organized and takes place in a unique setting. Plenty of snacks and beverages for runners and guests as well as many activities for the kids. The event included a silent auction as well as displays from many of the sponsors. Will definitely run again next year.


Huffing and Puffing

Event Year:2013

A scenic 5km trail run, which is surprising considering the trail is part of an active pit. Only in its second year so a small group of 50+ runners. Challenging with a few hills but fun and peaceful. Nice t-shirt, shoe bag, and a medal to boot. I’ve run it both years and will run it again, even if I am exhausted by the end.


C. Murphy from Barrie, participated in 5k walk

Event Year:2013

The Murphys make the Caledon Pit Run a family affair!  I do the 5 K Walk (and, I’m please to report, I knocked five minutes off my time this year!) and my son, daughter, her boyfriend and my sister do the 5K Run – challenging each other as they go.  Hubby Paul, the man with new knees, acts as one of the Lafarge photographers.  Afterwards, we all have little competitions in the games area.  My son was tops in the baseball toss, much to the chagrin of the daughter’s boyfriend, but he did well in the basketball dunk.  A great time for togetherness – with more to do than just eat and talk – although we do a bit of that too! Looking forward to next year!


N. Hann

Event Year:2013

I have ran in the Caledon Pit both years so far! Running in this race 2 years now, I would say that the Caledon Pit is well organized, well marked course, friendly staff, and I would recommend anyone coming to this event!